Sand Volleyball Tournament


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2017 Volleyball Rules

Fee: $40/team

6 – 10 players per team.
No more than 6 players per team on the court at one time, and have equal or more women on the court then men.
Teams may play with less than 6 players, but women to men ratio is still applicable.

Team Check – In will be from 9:30 – 10:00, with first game start time of 10:00 am.
Double elimination.
Teams must win by at least 2 points.
Best 2 out of 3 games
Games 1 and 2 are played to 21 and game 3 is played to 15.
All rally scoring

There will be a time limit for each match.  If game 3 will start with less than 5 minutes remaining, timer will be reset to 5 minutes.  If a game is in play at the end of the time limit, whoever is ahead (by at least 2 points) is determined the winner of the game.  If no team is ahead by at least 2 points, play continues until a team takes the lead by 2 points and is determined the winner.   Time limit will be determined after registrations are final.

* Each team will have one team member available to keep score for one match.

Substitutions are allowed as long as it doesn’t interfere with play time, and occurs during substituting team’s normal rotation time.
You may not block or spike a serve, but sets are allowed if 3 foot off the net.
A ball that lands on the line is IN.
No time-outs for anything other than injury.
If any team is not on the court within 5 minutes of the start game, they will incur an automatic loss.
Team with best 2 out of 3 rock paper scissors has choice of side or first serve.
There will NOT be any line judges.  Everyone is on their honor.
In the event 2 teams cannot agree on the call, the ball will be replayed.
There will be water and beverages available for purchase within the park.
All players are required to sign a waiver – see attached or you can sign at the event